Restdomstroy – The art of construction of wooden houses

Recently, more fashionable to get all sorts of suburban buildings, not the final place among them belongs to the house of logs was not always so. Of course, the brick houses look more elegant and plausible, but at a price they are significantly more expensive than similar houses made of logs. New technologies have breathed in the wooden buildings a new life, now you can talk about the fact that the construction of wooden houses is experiencing a rebirth. Wooden houses have become much more reliable, they are more durable and stronger, so that today many prefer it wooden houses. The art of construction of wooden houses has its roots in antiquity, but the house made of logs, which cost our forefathers did not pale in comparison to the wooden houses that are cost today. Modern wooden house in comfort in no way inferior to similar buildings of brick, in fact, they even have some advantages. One major advantage of wooden houses – low thermal conductivity. It provides a hot summer day, cool and warm the cold winter night. Just imagine, the house made of logs give shade in the hot summer days and cold winter’s night, they give the family warmth. Houses made of wood are cost much prytche stone buildings, because the tree can be easily treated. Do not think that the wooden houses have long faded into the past and have become archaic. No, the latest technology to fit permit me sticks in to the sticks in, make a wooden building unique, nothing on a similar appearance. Wood, unlike all the artificial materials can “breathe” through wooden houses that are able to maintain a certain humidity inside the house, moreover, because of this there is a constant exchange of air and the air inside a house made of logs is always fresh, so that the need for ventilation of the room is completely lost. And it’s nice being at home, feeling no incomparable aroma of pine or spruce, because no synthetic material can not give you such a sense of unity with nature, no air fresheners do not catch up with this flavor of wood, just at home out of logs can give you such feelings. Wooden houses have changed in the final time, but the fundamental principles of their construction remained unchanged: to lumber or timber logs on a log lie horizontally and fastened. Externally, the house looks like many years ago, but internally it is no longer the old wooden house, a modern house that combines the comfort of modern buildings with the reliability and aesthetics of old wooden houses. Interior decoration of wooden houses can compete with trim brick house, and even surpass it. All those who believe that the house of the bars are gone and become a part of our history – wrong. Wooden houses were alive today, they are easy in construction, hope, and easy to use, and every year they prefer more and more people.